Grief Coach ?

My Message to YOU!


Please allow me to give my sincere condolences for your loss. Loss comes in many forms. It may be the loss of a job, a relationship or changes in health or retirement or transition of a loved-one from this life to the next. Sooner or later we all experience loss.

Grieving is an individual process. Steve Leder, author of “More Beautiful than Before”, says, “To be human is to suffer, and there is profound power in the suffering we endure if we transform it into a more authentic, meaningful life.” Please allow yourself to grieve in YOUR way and time. Let me guide you through the process to change your despair into hope.

My hope for you is that in your grief, you will give Abiding Grace permission to help you transform your loss into a wealth of life's victories. 


Gratefully yours,


Willetta Collins Jones, MS, CGC


What is a Grief Coach? 

Coaching is a technique that uses focused conversations to develop an environment for individual growth, intentional action and continued  improvement.


Grief coaching promotes and encourages individuals, families or groups to reconnect with strengths, coping skills and relationships through activities and internal resources that provide meaning for life. 


With grief coaching, each person develops inner skills that explore feelings and strengths and talents to achieve balance for every area of life.


Grief coaches help development of lifetime visions, in spite of losses. These can only be accomplished by you-individually. The activity may happen in a group session, but the empowerment happens within each person-because you know you best!


The grief coach’s purpose is to assist each person’s empowerment to a vision of life with new perspectives and more possibilities in spite of and because of whatever situation caused the loss.

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