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Meet Willetta 

MS, Certified Grief Coach

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     Reared in Gary, Indiana, I graduated from Gary Tolleston High School and received my Bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University. After working at the Elaine Clarke Center in Atlanta, a center for multiple-handicapped children, I received my Master’s degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and Certification in Educational Administration from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNCC). Most recently, I received Certification as a Grief Coach from the Grief to Gratitude Program in Washington, DC.


     Previous positions include Interim Assistant Principal, Compliance Facilitator, Special Needs Teacher for students in Resource and Behaviorally/Emotionally Handicapped programs. My teaching experiences have been in Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and North Carolina. I worked as a Life Skills/GED Program Director for a non-profit program at the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson, North Carolina.


     I am married to Horatio W. Jones, III. We are the proud parents of one son, Horatio W. Jones, IV, the proud In-Laws of our Daughter-In-Love, Alicia Wallace Jones, and the grandparents of three grandsons, Horatio V,  Xavier Michael and Alexander Orion Jones. All the LOVES of My life. 




Being honest when working with others


Giving a strong feeling of support


Being dedicated to each individuals needs 


Support and guide each person In the decision making process 


 Create value for each person to make wise decisions


Direct each individual to appropriate resources needed for positive change

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